Warrior Redeye Bass, a Quick Guide

Of all of the Alabama redeye bass species, the Warrior redeye bass are my favorite. First, they can be found in some of the most beautiful water in Alabama. The Bankhead National Forest contains the Sipsey River, which is Alabama’s only Wild and Scenic river. Bankhead and the upper Sipsey River are worth the trip.

Secondly, they can be found easily in urban areas. Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is a well-known public spot to catch the m. Warriorensis. Turkey Creek is an excellent starting point that’s close to Birmingham.

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Bluelining for the Black Warrior Redeye Bass

My advice stands for chasing any of the Alabama redeye bass species: get high in the watershed. The smaller the water the better the odds are that there are more redeye bass and less largemouth or spotted bass varieties.

I’m not giving out spots but I can provide general direction. Spend some time with Google Maps and with your Gazeteer. (Don’t have an Alabama Gazeteer? You should.)

The Black Warrior is a huge watershed. However, there are many areas within a hour drive of Birmingham where you can find these fish. In addition to Turkey Creek, both File Mile Creek and Valley Creek offer accessible wading and kayak access. You’ll have to find them for yourself – but isn’t that half the fun?

Finally, again, get high in the watershed. Through studying the map and scouting it will become clear exactly how close some Cahaba River areas are to the Black Warrior basin. That’s pretty cool and makes for a fun day chasing several species of the Alabama redeye bass.

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As always, that’s only my $0.02, and your mileage may vary.


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