Fly Selection for Redeye Bass: Pick 3

Fly selection for redeye bass isn’t rocket science. An Alabama redeye bass will hit a fly so roached it’s hard to tell what is once was. They’re curious creatures and without the evolution of thumbs the only option is to kill and see how it tastes.

I’m a minimalist when it comes to gear. I pack light and travel fast. Keeping a redeye box in the arsenal is key to a quick after work trip, or saving time anytime you’re hitting the blue lines for redeye bass.

If you’re interested in learning more, I published a longer article about the Alabama redeye bass slam, and redeye fishing in general. And, if you’re not fly-or-die purist, here’s a few thoughts on lures for my fellow knuckle-dragging gear chucks.

Redeye Bass Trip Saver – The Woolybugger

I’ve probably caught more redeye bass on a woolybugger than any other fly. A woolybugger is killer on a dead drift. Give a it a strip right as the fish approaches. Get ready to set.

Woolybuggers are perfect for all creek species. I usually pack a couple of sizes and colors. Alternately, small craw imitators could fill this spot in the box. What I like most about the bugger is that it can fill that crawfish role nicely without having to pack anything extra.

Let’s Huck Meat – The Clouser Streamer

I keep a few clousers in the box for when I want to cover a lot of water quickly and fish are in the mood to chase. I tie a bead eye or even a weightless version for the really skinny creeks.

Redeye are voracious predators, but also extremely territorial. When they aren’t in the mood to eat they’re usually in the mood to chase. And who doesn’t like hucking meat?

There’s tons of streamer styles and everyone has their favorite. Pick your favorite and tie up a half dozen.

Redeye Bass Killer – The BoogleBug

Eats. That’s what it’s all about. Fly selection for redeye bass, for me, is mostly based on the fun factor. Watching eats is fun. Popping bugs is fun.

It’s a well-worn joke in Alabama fly fishing circles, but, “Any color works as long as it’s yellow.” That’s not entirely true… but there’s always a yellow Booglebug in my box just in case.

I haven’t tied one up or tied one on, but a Sam’s One Bug is often mentioned soon after the Booglebug when topwater is the conversation.

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