Fishing Lures for Redeye Bass: Pick 3

Redeye bass fishing has finally taken off in Alabama so I’ll offer my thoughts on gearing for this species. Whether you’re chasing them in the Coosa, Cahaba, Warrior, or the Tallapoosa: these are my top 3 fishing lures for redeye bass.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a minimalist when it comes to gear. I pack light so I can travel fast. Keeping a redeye box in the arsenal is key to a quick after work trip, or saving time anytime you’re hitting the blue lines for redeye bass.

If you’re interested in learning more, I published a longer article about the Alabama redeye bass slam, and redeye fishing in general. I also published an article about my favorite spinning rod combo which is a perfect match for any of these lures.

Redeye Bass Trip Saver – The Zoom Trick Worm

I keep a few bags of 6″ Zoom Trick Worms on hand whenever I’m chasing redeye bass. While this isn’t my first choice in fishing lures for redeye bass, a standard trick worm can be the ticket when nothing else is getting bitten.

The creeks where I fish are usually 3-4″ deep so I fish them weightless. I wacky rig them for tossing behind boulders or in slack water. I straight rig them for working along current seams or anywhere I need a swimming action. I do keep a small bag a split shot on hand – a very small weight an inch up the line makes a straight-rigged worm hunt and swim erratically.

While 6″ may seem large for a redeye bass to eat, I assure you it isn’t. Even smaller fish will regularly take a bait this size. I like the Junebug (purple fleck) color in the picture and a standard Watermelon Seed. I think the exact color matters less than having something dark and something light in the tackle bag.

Redeye Bass 101 – Shallow Running Crankbait

The crankbaits that I like best are the Rapala Shallow Shad Rap, the Rebel Craw, and the Bomber Shallow A. I’m sure there are many other great brands, but these are my go-to lures for redeye bass.

The smallest size of the Shallow Shad Rap is 2″ and perfect for shallow creeks.

Rebel is manufacturing a number of sizes for their craw baits from 1 1/2″ to 2 3/8″. My favorite size is the 2″ floater in the Ditch color.

The Bomber Shallow A is great because it runs super tight, comes in tons of colors, and is budget friendly.

All of these are great options and have a spot in the tackle bag. However, when I want a similar action but don’t want to mess with treble hooks I will go with an old school Beetlespin. I usually modify it with a Bobby Garland 2″ shad for the plastic body.

Redeye Bass Killer – Topwater Poppers

The older I get, the less it’s about the fight and more about the eat. Who doesn’t love to watch a fish smash a popper on a misty morning? The Rebel Pop-r is my favorite due to the feather dressed hook on the back. Many a longear sunfish, who share the creeks with the Alabama redeye bass, have fallen prey to that back hook.

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