Cahaba Redeye Bass, a Quick Guide

The Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to observe the Cahaba lilies when they’re in bloom during the early summer. (Hint: I stalk Instagram to find out exactly when they’re in bloom.) Of course the refuge has its share of m. Cahabae.

However, as a resident of Birmingham, I choose to spend most of my Cahaba redeye bass trips in the urban areas. Seek out those feeder creeks and tributaries that are, for example, close to a brewery. Slagheap Brewery comes to mind.

Cahaba River Urban Creek Stomping

Urban Creek Stomping for the Cahaba Redeye Bass

I’ll even name a few spots to get you started. These are far from secret. I’ll also offer a hint on finding spots, because fishers are often reluctant to share. Bird watchers, hikers, and recreational kayak paddlers LOVE to share information. Hit those sites and ask around.

Shades Creek: From Mountain Brook and down into Homewood, and far beyond, it’s Cahaba redeye bass nirvana. Here’s an article from the Alabama Birding Trails site.

The Little Cahaba: Above or below Lake Purdy, the Little Cahaba holds numerous easily accessible areas to wade.

Any Blue Line in Hoover, Vestavia, Leeds, Irondale, or Trussville – they almost all have redeye bass.

While You’re At It, Take a Break

Finally, this is a quick list of my favorite places to grab some food or a cold beer in and around Birmingham. Get in touch for other suggestions.

Arguably the Best BBQ: Miss Myra’s in Cahaba Heights or Rusty’s in Leeds (Honorable mentions: Saw’s BBQ, Rodney Scott’s, The Pit)

My Favorite Low-key Bars: The Ridge in Vestavia Hills or Martin’s BBQ Joint in Cahaba Heights

A Few Good Breweries: Cahaba Brewing Company and Slagheap Brewing

Other Resources

As always, that’s only my $0.02, and your mileage may vary.


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