Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper + Captain Alan Martin + Orange Beach, AL

Special thanks to Captain Alan Martin for taking us out for red snapper season this year. We landed a very special “last fish” to close out our king mackerel limit. My good friend Jimmy Stiles tells the story.

Special thanks to The Glories for the soundtrack. They’re on Bandcamp. Super chill. I highly recommend their music.

Shoal Bass on the Fly: Fishing the Chattahoochee River

Shoal Bass on the fly. Awesome. Any fish that holds in the strongest current is good by me.

Introducing : The Lilly Drone

You still have until July 15th to pre-order your Lilly drone. Haven’t seen it? Check it out.

I’ll be waiting a few generations, personally. But if I had the extra cabbage lying around I’d sign up in a New York Minute.