Logan Martin Dam + Fishing Report + 4/17/17

The shad are running! They are easily taken with basket or throw net from the fishing platform. They are running in mixed sizes, from 1″ to 5+”.

This past weekend wasn’t very good for striper fishing, although some smaller fish were taken from the platform. Boaters who had access to the east side of the dam fared better than those from shore.

Catfish were caught in good numbers and respectable size. Most came on shad with some also caught on chicken soaked in red Jell-O. (A widely-known “secret” bait for Logan Martin catfishermen, but don’t tell anyone I told you.)

The Logan Martin fishing pier area was closed down on Monday morning. I got a report of surveyors in the parking lot from a person who drove across the dam to get a glimpse of why the gates might be locked. I put a call in to Alabama Power this morning to see if I could get any other information. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but will update this post as news becomes available.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, what to eat, or how to eat ’em. But there are fish advisories at the dam for both stripe and catfish. Coosa Riverkeeper produces an excellent advisory guide. You can get the information online here, or by calling the fish advisory hotline at (844) 219-7475.


(Disclaimer: I serve as an advisor to the Board of Directors over at Coosa Riverkeeper.)

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Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper + Captain Alan Martin + Orange Beach, AL

Special thanks to Captain Alan Martin for taking us out for red snapper season this year. We landed a very special “last fish” to close out our king mackerel limit. My good friend Jimmy Stiles tells the story.

Special thanks to The Glories for the soundtrack. They’re on Bandcamp. Super chill. I highly recommend their music. https://glories.bandcamp.com/